Friday, December 22, 2006

Enraged locals drive blogger from Barrow-n-Furness

There is an article on the register today written by Lester Haines discussing how locals were enraged by comments a blogger made on his Myspace account. The blogger a manager for a chocolate company transplanted into the town to open up a new chocolate shop.

It seems the new store location was having some problems before it opened and the manager really needed to vent. He posted his unsavory comments on his Myspace blog and a local newspaper got wind of it and published his comments. The finally had to call the police because so many people were entering the store and telling the manager he should go somewhere else if he didn't like it there.

I believe this guy was really over-stressed, in his Myspace comments he stated that local vandals had smashed the front window of the new store and helped themselves to over a grand worth of chocolate. Additionally I guess he didn't like the local hotel he was staying.

The chocolate company removed him as the manager of the new location and offered free chocolate to any that stopped by their new location before December 25th. I wonder if the vandals came back to get the free stuff too? I wonder where he is working now?

The manager's comments on Myspace have been removed. To read more of the story check out the link below.

Here is the link to the original article:


JoeDuck said...

This is really interesting.
It bothers me when people react violently to words. They can boycott the biz if he's a bad city neighbor, but smashing things challenges the very core of what it means to have free speech.

Glenn said...

No doubt Joe...I thought the same thing but after reading it a couple more times - I am not sure when they vandalized the store.

Was it before he made any posts on Myspace or after?

They really don't give the timeline that this occurred.

Maybe some locals will give their perspective about it.

I wonder how that hotel is?


maggie said...

Wow, people can be sensitive ninnies - all that because someone didn't like their town? Boycotting does make more sense - but then they couldn't get more free chocolate...

It's odd how you can blog about just about anything, but venting about work, where most of us spend most of our days, is often better kept off limits because if things unravel just right, it can cost you your job.

Glenn said...

Maggie isn't it interesting what things people put on their Myspace sites or Youtube? You would think they would have better sense than some of them do.

As far as this guy - from the sound of it...didn't deserve the old tar and feather routine!