Monday, December 25, 2006

TEEN GOES NUCLEAR: He creates fusion in his Oakland Township home

This is somewhat old news...but amazing nonetheless.

This is a story of a 17 year old who achieved nuclear fusion in his basement in the suburbs of Detroit.

He is ranked as the 18th amateur in the world to create nuclear fusion - holy grail of physics. Similar to the reaction that is continually occurring on the sun.

Take a minute and read the article. You will also find interesting information at (thanks Paul!). The site is somewhat confusing to navigate and find things but amazing to see this amateur community on the web all working toward nuclear fusion.

I just can't help but wonder why we don't have nuclear fusion commercialized at this point. It really could solve a lot of problems and anything we do to move us off our dependence on Middle East oil is a step in the right direction.


Paul said...

thanks for the plug, but you might want to change the link to

not "fuser"



Glenn said...

Great catch! Thanks Paul. I have updated the entry.

JoeDuck said...

Really incredible. I tend to associate fusion with the scandals over university "cold fusion" claims of a few years ago.

Glenn said...

Yep this is the real deal...too bad we don't put a major effort into it in this country to make it commonplace so we can be done with foreign oil.