Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Fla. Man Develops GPS Shoes

Article excerpt...

MIAMI -- Global Positioning System technology is turning up in more and more devices, like watches and cellphones.

But a Miami company has used the technology to develop shoes that can be located anywhere in the world.

The shoes' developer Sayo Isaac Daniel said people can forget to carry their phones, but they can't leave the house without their shoes.

The design allows wearers to press a hidden button to send a distress signal.

The Quantum Satellite Technology shoes are planned to hit stores in March at a price of $325 to $350.

These sound like a really good idea. Hopefully the price will come down and the technology can be fitted into existing shoe lines.


tara said...

wow. you're right about the price. But it would've helped the Mt Hood hikers.

JoeDuck said...

I like this idea for kids especially in a in a big city. Of course the most dangerous places are the least able to afford the technology, but these chips could become very cheap in mass production.

Glenn said...

Yeah I wonder how rugged the unit in the shoe. Great idea though.

I think of the David Boone situation or the boy at crater lake.

maggie said...

That gives new meaning to "wherever you go, there you are." I can think of lots of ways these could be a very good thing if they were affordable. Kids, hikers, elderly wanderers that still know to hit the button, me if I ever got kidnapped (still worry about that). If the price doesn't come down, though, the kidnappers will just get to keep me, I guess.