Thursday, January 4, 2007

'Project Entropia' real estate sale fetches $179,000

Boy the times are a changing! Virtual real estate auction in an online game nets a total of $179,000 for three make believe virtual digital malls! The individual parcels didn't top the highest single price to date - that would be Neverdie's virtual space station he bought for a healthy $100,000.

Project Entropia can be a lot fun but after their November upgrade they seem to be losing a lot of players. It seems the VU (version upgrade) has made the playing space a lot more expensive.

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JoeDuck said...

I had not even heard of this one though it's obviously huge. There's a company called Metaverse that's trying to create tools to allow people to move between the virtual worlds like Second Life. I think this is the 'breakthrough' concept because without it I'm not sure any single world will ever get the critical mass needed to become a "mainstream" thing, though I suppose if Myspace opened/aquired one it would instantly have that mass.