Tuesday, February 6, 2007

About time - Steve Jobs wants to actually eliminate DRM!!!

Wow Steve Jobs wants to eliminate DRM from the music scene! I am a firm believer that copy protection just hurts legitimate buyers. In fact it was iTunes on many occasions losing my purchase rights and I literally had to re-purchase songs that was the main reason I ditched the iTunes platform.

I typically go through a lot of hardware and software upgrades during the year and iTunes really had a lot problems with that. In fact every time iTunes would want to upgrade itself I used to worry about what songs I would lose.

On top of that I burned through several iPods over the years (hard drive and battery problems), same problems kept occurring at almost the exact same time when I got replacements and of course they were out of warranty.

If they really are going to move to this type of environment I think it would be a good reason to look at the iTunes platform again however WMP11 is pretty decent.

Steve Jobs also makes other good points and explains very well the up and downs with DRM and why they did it in the first place.

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