Monday, February 12, 2007

ABSURD - 73 Great Grandmother Elks Lodge Bartender Faces up to 1 Year in Jail for $50 Football Pool!

This story just takes the cake! How absurd will our society get when our LE has the time to deal with this! Aren't there some serious perps out there that need apprehending?

73 year old great grandmother who tends bar at the local Elks Club in Lake Elsinore was arrested after a tip of a football pool being run at the club! The football pool envelope had 10 - $5 bills in it! A massive $50 pool and the seasoned criminal had an accomplice - a volunteer waitress!

The real story is who and why would tip authorities over something like this...sounds like a plot for a Seinfeld comeback! Someone should find out who filed the tip and they should be vetted out in this process.

Wow they probably put Thelma and Louise to shame! The two face up to a $5,000 fine and one year in jail and the Elks may lose their liquor license. Of course one would hope a judge would just dismiss this. However, this happened in California after all and I will never understand the decisions the judges make in that state.

Maybe Arnold can step up and pardon these two after they convicted and thrown in jail.

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