Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Delaware scientist's view on climate change criticized - because he doesn't agree with the current assessment!

Another scientist being attack and demonized in the media for not supporting the current assessment that humans are responsible for global warming.

The argument tends to be in the line of, well these opposing scientists have been funded by the major oil or auto manufacturers so they can't be right - but who is to say the scientists that are getting funding from Greenpeace and other leftist organizations are right?

It really seems odd to me that a group of scientists can take less than 100 years of data (or even take 10,000 years of data) and how they can conclude that humans are responsible for the current Global Warming trend? There just isn't enough data and analysis to back it up. The earth has gone through thousands of transformation over the last 4.5 billion years and it just seems absurd to me that a conclusion can be drawn like they are doing today with Global Warming.

I am sure it is true that human generated emissions can impact Global Warming but I don't believe we can impact it enough either way to make a difference long-term. Of course people convincing themselves that they are going to save the planet is a great high-five club!

Take a look at the impact of volcanic eruptions. I think we face a more immediate and direct threat from large volcanic eruptions (could be the rebirth of the great Global Cooling panic of the '70's) - the point is there are so many things that could ruin our day from asteroids to nuclear war.

I think we can find a much better way to spend our money. Interesting how history repeats itself - back in the '70's the big panic was Global Cooling and that didn't quite work out like all the scientists predicted.

I also think it is prudent to be a good steward to mother earth but this alarmist and political approach to influence legislation and create an avalanche of new laws (don't we have enough laws now that don't work?) will just hinder progress, create higher costs, etc...

We have a bigger issue regarding available resources on this planet - I think we will deplete available resources a lot sooner than we could impact climate change long-term.

We should definitely work to curbing our emissions - here is an idea - take the trillions of dollars that are going to be wasted on the Global Warming agenda and put it toward creating FREE energy and then make unlimited energy available to the entire planet!

That would pretty much eliminate all of the industrial emissions - IMO that is a worthwhile effort!

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