Monday, February 5, 2007

Global Warming is a Farce! Get the cold hard facts!

Finally an authority talking some sense! Dr. Timothy Ball the first Canadian Ph.D. in Climatology speaks out and puts an interesting perspective on the whole Global Warming discussion.

What I found most interesting is around the time the Electric Slide was invented (1976) scientists were screaming the greatest threat we faced was Global Cooling - WRONG!

The fact of the matter is we really don't have a clue. We have been guests on this planet for a fraction of the time it has existed. Combining politics with science is turning these well educated Ph.D.'s into actuaries - you know the old "well how do you want the numbers to look?".

Smart people deserve better than this. We shouldn't be tricked into spending trillions of dollars on foolhardy science. Unfortunately the sheeple keep listening to this agenda. I think it is more about a group of people that want to ultimately think they are doing something good for the entire planet so they can sit around and pat each other on the back!

I applaud Dr. Ball for writing this article - his viewpoint and arguments actually make sense and the point about the enormous waste of money spent on Global Warming is out of hand. That kind of money could really make a difference on issues that really matter.

With all that said I am a firm believer in alternatives to oil. We need to end our dependence on Middle Eastern oil ASAP and get out of there and let them go back to fighting their thousands of years old wars!

Ping back to Joe Duck for bringing this topic back to the forefront!

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JoeDuck said...

Interesting info from Ball. Like some other skeptics (but even more GW believers) his credentials are very solid. It also struck me that Global Cooling was the "hot topic" some 30 years ago. People sure like catastrophe predictions!

I've been comfortable with the idea there is *some* human caused warming. My beef is that we should not worry about warming catastrophes when we've got plenty else going on.

I also totally agree with you that we should seek alternative fuels. I like nuclear and think people should reexamine their opposition in light of the incredible safety record.