Monday, February 12, 2007

Global-warming skeptics cite being 'treated like a pariah'

Eric Pfeiffer over at The Washington Times has a follow up article regarding the scientists that are ostrasized who are bucking the current politically correct Global Warming consensus.

All serious science needs checks and balances and scientists are supposed to challenge each other but in the case of Global Warming they are making it a political agenda and unleashing all of the negative flurry associated with opposing political viewpoints. That fact alone makes the current science behind the Global Warming consensus suspect.

How are to believe what we are being told is in any way accurate and the truth? With most political agendas there is typically a grain of truth but sadly that's all - just a grain.

It seems scientists are more eager to jump on the bandwagon that will lead to more grant money instead of looking at the scientific ramifications of these assessments and eventual supporting decisions.

I just read another article about Geo-engineering where scientists are trying to promote projects that will shield our planet from sunlight to help curb global warming - doesn't anyone out there think that some of these suggestions could be ultimately disastrous for our planet?

We need to shun the politicians taking advantage for political gain on these important issues. Doesn't it seem ironic that people like Al Gore probably produce more emissions in one year than the average person does in their lifetime? Maybe if they start practicing what they preach the rest of us can start believing them.

Remember what happens to people that just blindly drink the kool-aid!

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