Monday, February 5, 2007

Should I be worried? Blogger malfunctions - loss of data

Wow - we spend a lot of time putting things up on our blogs and now we find out the new version that we all switched to has a lot of problems still - the biggest being data loss!!!

I wonder if I will experience data loss because I am posting this article - ironically it is being reported on Yahoo!

If you are experiencing or have experienced any issues with Blogger put your comments here! Let's see what is going on and how long before we suffer from a magical data loss!


Gene said...

I am trying to add your site as a link but having problems. I have not used Blogger much, so it will take me some time to figure out how to use it. Somehow your link wound up at the bottom of my page. If you know of any shortcuts to adding links, please let me know, as the Blogger help is not of much help to me at this time. Thanks.

Glenn said...

Hi Gene, nice to see you here. If you are using a template then you can go to customize and under template settings you can select Add Page Element to your template and the item to pick is the Link List and after that you can edit the Link List and add any url's that you want.

I named the Link List 'Other Blogs of Note'

Hope this helps let me know and I will continue to help as long as you want me to.

Gene said...

Thanks very much, I appreciate your help!

Glenn said...

no problem glad I could help!

I really like your charts and where you seem to be heading with your blog.