Monday, February 5, 2007

Videotron testing 400% faster internet service

2007 seems to be the year for Internet speed to jump to the next level. Videotron is testing a service in the Montreal area that provides 100 megabits per second - now thats LAN speed on the NET! Of course a lot of us have already moved to duplex gigabit LANs but at least the Internet speed is improving. Now if we could get all the inter-connects up to higher speeds!

I thought my FiOS is nice but 15 Mbps compared to 100 Mbps. The Canadian social health care might be worth putting up with to get 100 Mbps Internet! :)

They are partnered with Cisco and they claim the speeds are possible due to a new technological breakthrough. Hopefully we will see this technology available here in the States and in many other places sooner rather than later.

Rumor has it FiOS can scale to close to 200 Mbps per subscriber. I think this is definitely the beginning of another transformation of the net and will certainly bring serious competition to the existing cable and phone providers.

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