Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chiquita to Pay $25M in Terror Case

It is being reported today that Chiquita Brands paid $1.7 million to a terrorist organization for protection in a volatile region of Colombia.

My question is: What would happen to any citizen that paid knowingly paid $1.7 million to a known terrorist organization?

A $25 million fine sounds like a lot but I think they stopped far short of what they should have done.

What kind of message is this? Hey go ahead and fund a terrorist organization and we will just fine you some more money!

Chiquita Brands should be banned from the United States for a year - or at least people should boycott their brand. No one should get away with any form of funding terrorist organizations - regardless of country or reason.

This is definitely one bad bunch of bananas and I hope they get crucified in the media!

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