Thursday, March 22, 2007


Gore refusing to take a personal energy ethics pledge is a perfect example of what a poor leader he really is.

His personal home consumes 20 times more energy per year than the average US home. He hides behind carbon credits as his way of balancing his energy usage. Let's face it folks, carbon credits are as big a scam as donating a lot of money to the Catholic church to buy your way into heaven.

Gore asks us if we are ready to change the way we live? Who is making the sacrifice here? Gore wants to buy a pass with carbon credits which he pays for by money he makes off the Global Warming swindle! Doesn't anyone see through this veil of deception?

A good and strong leader sets an example by doing what he wants others to do. Gore wants to dictate change and then be exempt from it. Sounds like the creation of an elite class here and Gore is part of it and wants the lesser classes to have to bear the burden of the changes he wants to impose while he profits from these changes.

Sorry I am not buying it. I have to give credit to Sen. Inhofe for coming up with this pledge. This should have been a no-brainer for Gore to agree to if he really believed change was necessary.

Did anyone else catch the fact that Al Gore was allowed to submit his written testimoney to the GOP only 2 hours before he testified? Typically anyone who is going to testify needs to submit their written testimoney 48 hours before they testify. Dingle waived the requirement - if this Global Warming argument is so strong and foolproof why would they need to try to slide this through like this?

Also did you see one of the Democrats called Gore a prophet? Barbara Boxer said Gore has provided them hope?

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