Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle

Channel 4 in the U.K. is about to air a controversial but much needed documentary countering the politically correct view that man is the main cause behind global warming.

Now maybe some serious scientific discussion will ensue. Let's face it - we need to do a lot more research on this topic before trillions of dollars are committed and countless new laws are imposed.

It is my position that we just do not have enough information to make a solid assessment that man is to blame for climate change. I think people are more afraid to learn that it may NOT be man-made and we will not be able to adjust to a different existence than we are used to.

Also a recent article seems to document that Mars is facing similar temperature changes that we are - last I heard there weren't any people living on Mars affecting their climate change? Of course maybe all those man-made unmanned space vehicles visiting the planet could have caused it! :)

Another link to another summary of the Great Global Warming Swindle can be found here:


Iris said...

I like this article. And it impressed me so much. Everyone is telling you that climate change is ALL OUR FAULT, so your article comforts me a little bit and I won't feel that guilty. :p
However, we do do something to make it much worser. And we also have to admit that we don't really take this issure serious. We thought everything on the earth belong to human beings. Maybe it's also time to learn how to co-exist with mother nature well and in balance.


Glenn said...

Thanks for the comments Iris. We definitely need to take it seriously and should look at serious ways to improve our planet and climate.

It always concerns me when legitimate scientists are being attacked because they are not backing the favored opinion.

A lot of people forget about Global Cooling that was starting in the 70's. It never happened or maybe it just hasn't happened yet.

I hope they spend all of our tax money in a prudent manner and really solve some of these long-term issues. Maybe I am hoping for too much!