Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Researchers Question Validity Of A 'Global Temperature'

The Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen is analyzing the approach used to calculate a "single" average temperature and has come to the conclusion that basically it is impossible to assign a "single" average temperature to Earth.

That same "single" average temperature is what is being used to fuel the alarmists approach to the Global Warming argument. Bjarne Anderson explains that it is impossible because of the number of variables and complications that are connected to all the different areas of the globe.

He likens the scientific value of the "single" average temperature to that of taking the average of all the phone numbers from the phone book - it is an average, it is a single number but it is meaningless.

We need a lot more analysis and scientific study done to come to a reasonable conclusion on this issue. I find it very strange that scientists don't want their studies to come under peer review - isn't that what real science is all about? Scientists put forth their findings and other scientists work to replicate their efforts to validate it.

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