Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tenn. mine enriched Gore, scarred land

Article in the Tennessean today discussing how Al Gore profits from industry that exploits and damages the environment. Al Gore received land from his father that he has leased to a mining company and has received some $500,000 in royalty payments during the lease. How Gore Sr. received the land to begin with is very sketchy as well - another one of the great deals that people in power seem priviledged to have access to. I wonder why that is?

This story presented today has been talked about since 2000 but it is timely as it is right before Gore has to face a grilling on the Hill tomorrow morning.

Here is a link to one of the earlier stories in the WSJ.

Also on the Hill Gore will be facing off with Dingell and even though he is a staunch Democrat he has not taken to the Global Warming Cool-aid like the other drones. It will be interesting to see what questions are asked and how Gore will try spin the misinformation to answer them. Hopefully the media will have the conscience to relay the truth and not some politicized agenda.

As we learn that other planets like Mars, Jupiter and even far away worlds like Pluto are experiencing climate shift and change it is becoming clear that solar activity is the primary culprit behind Global Warming.

We need to get serious about the issue and do something tangible about it and move away from this new form of environmental extremism. Now that most of the globe agrees we need to be good stewards of our planet the environmental extremists need a new pony to ride and this is it - Man made Global Warming.

I personally would like to hear Al Gore's position on nuclear power plants as that is the quickest way to solve the majority of energy problems we face and will certainly move a long way to getting us off our foreign oil dependency.

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