Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dr. William Gray: Oceans Cause Global Warming, Not CO2

Renown hurricane forecaster Dr. William Gray came out swinging again yesterday. His voice of reason is really starting to resonate. He has been correctly predicting hurricane forecasts for over 40 years.

It is his belief that the current global warming trend is caused by the ocean currents and soon we will start to see a cooling trend.

He went after the Gore alarmists approach to global warming - the camp that states that humans are responsible for the current global warming trend. Gray summed it up nicely:

"They're blaming it all on humans, which is crazy," he said. "We're not the cause of it."

Gray also pointed out that politics and research into global warming have created an industry that unfairly scares the population and attacks dissenting voices.

He went on to say that the computer models used by the alarmist camp are unreliable and are just "mush". Gray noted that there are hundreds of factors that influence the weather.

Most of the scientific information I have digested indicates to me that the CO2 increases are actually a result of the global warming trend and not the cause of it.

Photo: Houston Chronicle


larrywsmith said...

I totally agree with you that we are not a major cause of global warming. It's unfortunate that people like Al Gore and other prominent people have not used the scientific method properly to diagnos this problem. I have done considerable research on this and prepared a Word document on my findings. Our planet is going through a natural cycle and there is little we can do to change it. If you would like a copy, send me an email a "".

Dr. Larry W. Smith

Glenn said...

Thanks for your comments Dr. Smith. I sent you an email and would very much like to read your white paper.

Cthulhu said...

"He has been correctly predicting hurricane forecasts for over 40 years"

the 2006 hurricane season?

co2 is increasing due to emissions, not because of warming