Monday, April 9, 2007

Top MIT Meteroligists Slams Alarmist Approach to Global Warming and States Their Perspective Has No Basis in Science

Newsweek has an article in the upcoming April 16th issue that will certainly raise some eyebrows. Here is another example of a top scientist coming out against the alarmists approach to Global Warming.

Richard Lindzen MIT's top meteorologist has come out swinging against the media driven consensus regarding Global Warming. Specifically the earth is facing a crisis requiring urgent action - this statement has nothing to do with science. He goes on to further explain that there is absolutely no evidence to suggest anything close to a catastrophe.

He also makes a great point about predicting the weather. That somehow our warming forecasts for 30 years in the future is somehow more reliable than the forecast for next week.

Here is an interesting twist for you: Richard also suggest that a warmer climate could prove to be more beneficial than the climate we currently have. He blames the alarmist approach on their ignorance of what is normal for weather and climate.

This article is very worthwhile reading and really should cause people pause and take a moment to rethink and question what is being presented behind an extremists environmental or political agenda.

BTW: Richard receives no funding from any energy company.
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