Saturday, May 19, 2007

Global Warming Debunked by Augie Auer

Augie Auer steps up the plate yet another time and provides the basic calculations regarding carbon dioxide. Augie states that in five years time this man-made global warming controversy will be a joke. Kind of reminds me of the global cooling scare back in the 70's that ended up being quite the scam as well.

Augie presents a basic framework for understanding greenhouse effect on planet Earth. Basically without greenhouse effect our planet would be at minus 18 deg C instead of the plus 15 deg C that we enjoy now.

When you run his numbers it is pretty clear that even if we totally eliminated man-made carbon dioxide it probably would make any difference at all in regard to climate change.
Carbon dioxide makes up 3.6% of the greenhouse gases and the man-made carbon dioxide portion is only 3.2% of the 3.6% or 0.12% of the total of greenhouse gases. It seems to reason that 1/12 of 1% of anything is pretty much nothing.

So goes another chapter in the great Al Gore swindle of the century. How many of you think his rock concert for global warming is a good idea? I can imagine just how much carbon dioxide that concert will create...wish somebody would calculate that - but with Al Gore's new math he would conclude that it is only 1/12 of 1% of the daily carbon dioxide so it isn't a big deal, besides he can buy them away with carbon credits! Aye yi yi!

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