Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Biden's Comments - They Are Serious And Worth Consideration

UPDATE 10/22: Now Obama wants us ALL to believe that Joe Biden meant whomever the next President is...will be tested! Yeah I don't think so Barack funny how you guys say one thing to the public but as soon as your behind closed doors the truth comes out.

UPDATE: Madeline Albright agrees with Joe Biden's statements.

Obama supporters cheered when Biden was selected as the VP candidate because it helped minimized the lack of real world experience in Obama's life experience.

Now Biden has spoken what he believes is the truth and considering his foreign policy experience we need to take him seriously.

This is the most important consideration when deciding to vote in less than two weeks. Do you want this country tested?

If you want to encourage an international crisis when we are already extended in two wars and have troops deployed in several other hot spots, when our economy is so bad and unemployment rising quickly - then vote for Obama.

If not, then the choice is clear.

A vote for Obama is reckless, dangerous and irresponsible. Being patriotic isn't about paying more taxes it is about making choices that keeps our country safe and Americans proud!

The last time this happened we were on the verge of a nuclear war and we ended up with the Berlin wall and a much diminished president.

When you think about the this situation here is what Obama wants us to believe:

Obama will be ready for the crisis that he has caused!

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