Monday, October 13, 2008

Timeline of Barack Obama's Radical Relationships

UPDATE: Complete Obama Timeline

Special thanks to savvyguy over at FreeRepublic for putting the pieces together not withstanding some of his harsh adjectives. All in all it presents a pretty clear picture of what Obama has been doing and who truly influences his life.

1970, Obama’s grandfather introduced him to Frank Marshall Davis when Obama was ten, Obama had an admitted relationship with a father mentor figure, someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA. Obama never disputed this relationship.

1975-1979- Frank Davis was Obama’s mentor during the critical years. (AIM) 1980- Both terrorists William Ayers & wife Bernadine Dohrn were in hiding until December, 1980.

1979-1981- He attended Occidental college and tried drugs. It was at Occidental where he stopped being called “Barry” and became Barack . Professor Roger Boesche became Barack’s '1983's intellectual political mentor at Occidental.
Obama’s first public speech was at Occidental, sponsored by the Students for Economic Democracy, a branch of the Campaign for Economic Democracy, chaired by Radical Tom Hayden.

1981-1983.- Professor Steve Diamond believes the origin of Obama’s ties to Weatherman Underground terrorists William Ayers and his wife. could be traced back at least to Occidental College.

Is it just a coincidence that Obama and Ayers were at Columbia together? A plethora of anti-American rallies took place there. Both admit to attending these rallies. Ayers studying for his M.Ed in Early Childhood Education and Obama his B.A. in political science..They are LIKELY to have met.

There is strong evidence now that Obama’s DREAM was written by a ghost writer- Ayers! Similarity between their writings and phrases used! (Freerepublic) Early 1980s -Carter national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski became the candidate's "guru and controller" while at Columbia. Brzezinski is Obama’s foreign policy advisor.

In his “Dreams From My Father”, he reveals that at Columbia he “went to socialist conferences …in Brooklyn.”

1983, worked as Full time organizer in Harlem, New York 19851988- he began working as a community organizer in Chicago, working for an Alinskyite group called the Developing Communities Project. a subsidiary of Gamaliel, with McKnight as a board director. Alinsky was the “father of community organizing” and a notorious far-leftist. Later Obama himself taught workshops on the Alinsky method. Professor John L. Mckight, a Marxist follower of Alinsky, and former ACLU director, mentored Obama on the agitation tactics of Alinsky, who wrote the organizing manual, “Rules for Radicals,” which he dedicated to mankind’s “very first radical, Lucifer.” Under McKnight , Obama says he got the “best education I ever had, better than anything I got at Harvard Law School.” (remark in 2007 while campaigning in Iowa). “My views are not so much more refined than they were when I labored in obscurity as a community organizer,” Obama wrote in his 2006 autobiography.

Mid 1980s, Obama worked with ACORN and Project Vote. 1987 William Ayers links up with Obama in Chicago 1988 Ayers solicits Khalid Al-Mansour to raise money for Obama’s Harvard law School education

Fall, 1988- went to Harvard and took advanced training at the Industrial Areas Foundation, a group founded by Alinsky

1988- he joined racist, America hating Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity Church of Christ in Chicago and one Sunday was brought to tears by Rev. Wright’s “Audacity of Hope” sermon. Wright admittedly became his mentor and spiritual advisor for the next 20 years.

1988- The ABCs Coalition was coordinated by Bill Ayers, whose father was a key member of ABC. Another member of the ABCs was Obama’s Developing Communities Project.. The two must have crossed paths again.

1988- In his "Why Organize?" essay, Obama planned to politically organize "liberationist" black churches. He saw the black church as a slumbering giant in cities like Chicago.

1989 Tom Ayers (father) and William Ayers got Obama a summer job at Sidley & Austin (where he meets Michelle Obama); Ayers’ wife Dohrn also worked there the same time.
April, 1992- Obama, Ayers & Dohrn had their documented public gathering sponsored by the U. of Illinois, Chicago 1992 - Obama graduates from Harvard and returns to Chicago

1992, Obama became director of Project Vote, Illinois.

1992-New Party was founded- a Marxist political coalition whose objective was to endorse and elect leftist officials — mostly Democrats. They want to move the Democratic Party leftward.

1993-2004 worked as associate in Chicago Law firm. In time, the job would bring him support from slum landlords. Remember Rezco?

1993 Ayers places Obama on Woods Foundation, which gave sizable grants to ACORN, Rev. Wright’s church , etc. 1995 -publishes “Dreams From my father”

1995 Ayers made Obama Chairman of Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC)

1995-1999- Obama served as President of CAC

1999-2001- Obama served as Board of Director, CAC After CAC closed down, Obama served on a successor group called the Leadership Council of the Chicago Public Schools Education Fund. Ayers’ brother John and their father Thomas served with Obama. By now, news all over about Ayer’s boasts of his terrorist acts.

1995 Ayers hosts a coffee fundraiser for Obama’s political debut (Obama falsely claims this is when he first met Ayers when he has met him AT LEAST 8 years earlier!) -Chicago Times interview: 10-7-08 Lynn Sweet Obama’s advisor, Axelrod , claim that Obama did not know Ayers’ history when he went to his home (Fox interviews, Oct. 08)

1996-Ayers began to contribute money to Obama’s campaign. How is it possible that Obama in writing two autobiographies could ignore his 13 year-long association with Ayers if he were not purposely trying to hide it?

1996, Ayers played a significant role within the Democratic party in Chicago. Democrats were proud to be allied with him. ( Chicago Tribune, Aug 27, 1996) David Lytel, who set up President Clinton's Web site said,” There is a lot of room for different ideas in progressive politics, and we're proud to be associated with Bernardine Dohrn and Bill Ayers," Ayers & , Henry DeZutter consider themselves "The Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party hasn't gone underground. . . . We're on the Internet!"

1995- Obama, along with Rev.Wright, helped organize the Farrakhan’s famous Million Man March in DC. Farrakhan is a longtime friend of Wright and comrade of Michael Pfleger. Yeah, birds of the feathers flock together! It's evident that the liberationist preachers were also Obama’s valued political allies.
1995- he sued, on behalf of ACORN, for the implementation of the Motor Voter law in Illinois. ACORN later invited Obama to help train its staff on how to shake down banks.

1995- Obama sought the New Party’s (socialistic) endorsement for his 1996 state senate run. Democratic Socialists of America founded the "New Party" He got it and he used New Party volunteers as campaign workers. The New Party rigorously evaluated its candidate endorsements & Obama HAD to sign a contract that he agrees with its goals! The contract mandates that they must have a visible and active relationship with the NP

1997-Ayers published his radical book, A Kind and Just Parent, in which he brags of his terrorist acts

Dec 97, Obama wrote a positive review of Ayers's book in the Chicago Tribune the following month. He did not know Ayer’s past?

1997- another joint appearance with Ayer

1988- In his "Why Organize?" essay, Obama planned to politically organize "liberationist" black churches. He saw the black church as a slumbering giant in cities like Chicago.

1990’s-Obama was a card carrying documented active member, participant and a direct political beneficiary of the Chicago New Party and, importantly, the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). Newsletter said Obama “walked the walk & talked the talk” ( Newsletter , New Ground 45, March-April , 96.)
Democratic Socialists of America - as “the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International,” DSA is the largest socialist organization in US. Weatherman Underground splintered from SDA in 1969
1996-when Obama ran with the blessings of the Marxist New Party and Chicago Democratic Socialist Party April 11, 1996- Obama attended membership meeting where he expressed his gratitude for their support.

1996-Obama was speaker at meeting of the Democratic Socialists of America (Sponsored by: University of Chicago Democratic Socialists of America )

1998- Connie Chung ABC interviewed Ayers & wife & they said,” We were young, idealistic, and We would do it (bomb) again. I wish we have done more!” This was HUGE news! Obama must have watched news!

2000- Obama was supported by leftist catholic priest, Rev. Michael Pfleger of Saint Sabina Catholic Church, in his House of Rep. race. He was another Obama’s spiritual adviser . 1995- 2001, Pfleger contributed $1,500 to his campaigns. Obama later sponsored a $100,000 earmark to help finance Pfleger’s youth center
2001- Ayers was photographed stepping on American flag and I guess Obama missed the news again? In his “Fugitive Days”, Ayers boasts that he “participated in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970…” All told, responsible for some 30 bombings. Ayvers bragged, “I don’t regret setting bombs”, “I feel we didn’t do enough.” Was Obama blind, deaf, incredibly naive?

2001-2002, Woods Fund with directors Ayers and Obama, made grants of $40,000 and $35,000 to the Arab American Action Network, founded by radical Kashid Khalidi . Rashid is a professor at Columbia. he was strongly identified with the PLO. Khalidi hosted a fundraiser for Obama in 2000.

April-2002, Obama & Ayers spoke at another panel. 2002 through 2005, the two regularly exchanged emails and phone calls.

2004- the Communist Party USA campaigned to elect Obama to the US Senate (People's Weekly World 4-24-.04).

2004 interview-(Chicago Sun-Times) Obama described racist minister , Rev. James Meeks of Chicago’s Salem Baptist Church as an adviser to whom he looked for “spiritual counsel.” In 2007 Meeks served on Obama’s exploratory committee for the presidency

April 5, 2004- He came out and declared, “I am a Christian,”, “I’m rooted in the Christian tradition. I believe that there are many paths to the same place, and that is a belief that there is a higher power”, “I am a big believer in the separation of church and state.”

2007 Top Marxist praise Obama in article “Obama’s Audacious Foreign Policy, 6-18-07,, By Joel Wendland, managing editor Wendland is one the world's top Marxist-Leninists. He heaps praise on Obama. Is he sending a clear signal to thousands of Communist Party members that Obama is the party's favored candidate? It looks that way. Dec. 2007, Obama sought Rev. Wright’s counsel before formally declaring his candidacy in 2007. Wright was named as member of the campaign’s African American Religious Leadership Committee.

2007-2008 The structure of Obama’s presidential campaign increasingly resemble an Ayers-designed national “community organizer matrix” straight out of Maoist theory.

2008 Obama tells a national TV audience he was “six years old” when Ayers bombed federal buildings, and they are only casual neighborhood acquaintances. He was 40 when supported by Ayers for his Senate seat!. 2004 -Frank Chapman called Obama a communist mole? Chapman, a CPUSA supporter, has written a letter to the communist party newspaper hailing obama’s victory in the Iowa caucuses.

“Obama’s victory was more than a progressive move; it was a dialectical leap ushering in a qualitatively new era of struggle,” Chapman wrote,” Marx once compared revolutionary struggle with the work of the mole, who sometimes burrows so far beneath the ground that he leaves no trace of his movement on the surface. This is the old revolutionary ‘mole,’ not only showing his traces on the surface but also breaking through.”

2004 –present - ACORN and its sister group Project Vote ran nationwide voter drives, which were marred by voter frauds.

2005 - Obama purchases land from neighbor and now-indicted political fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko June, 06- Jim Wallis - A socialist “Christian” preacher and founder of Sojourners, Jim has long championed the cause of communism. On June 28, 06, Obama spoke at a Sojourners-sponsored Conference, calling Wallis, “my friend.”
2006 Obama flied to Kenya to campaign openly for his radical, leftist, pro-violence cousin Raila Ordinga. Obama never condemned the violence and bloodshed instigated by Ordinga after his narrow election loss. December, 2006, George Soros met with Obama in his New York office. Soros had hosted fund-raiser for him back in 2004. In 2007, within hours of Obama’s announcement of his presidential exploratory committee, Soros sent $2,100, the maximum amount allowable. Soros believe America is an oppressive nation.

April 2007- The Nation reported, “Today Obama continues his organizing work largely through classes for future leaders identified by ACORN and the Centers for New Horizons…” In Oct. 08, Obama denied his involvement in ACORN.

2008- Obama named Professor West of Princeton to his presidential campaign’s Black Advisory Council. A member of the Democratic Socialists of America, and a Marxist and admirer of Rev. Wright.

June-08-Mohamed Salim Al-Churbaji - a Syrian University student who served as a fundraiser and organizer for Obama’s campaign. His father, Mohammed Al-Churbaji, is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood with close ties to such terrorists as Abu Amatallah; leading mujahideen fighters Abu Rawdha; and Bassam Ahmad, the latter fought for Osama Bin Laden !

2008- Valerie Jarrett, Michele Obama's boss, became Obama's chief advisor and he doesn’t make any major decisions without first talking to her. She was born in Shiraz, Iran.

2008- Obama was forced to cut ties with Robert Malley, his foreign policy advisor after the latter told the Times of London that he had been in regular contact with Hamas.

January , 2008 on - Joyce & Tim Wheeler, known commusis campaigning for Obama! – Joyce is Baltimore’s longtime C Py activist. Both became prominent figures in his campaign, helping to organize local canvassing and visibility events for the candidate. Tim is a National Board member of the Communist Party (CPUSA). He chronicled his experiences on the campaign trail in a blog that appeared on the Obama campaign website.

4/25/2008 (Judicial Watch)-The chairman of an Islamic “charity” shut down by the U.S. government for funding Middle Eastern terrorists has dedicated himself to raising money for … Obama.”

September 23, 2008 – After pouring through thousands of pages of newly released documents from archives of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge , they reveal that Obama and Ayers were “partners” in a radical education program.

2008- Four Weatherman Underground leftists have signed and endorsed Obama online for Progressives for Obama, including Mark Rudd, a founders of the WU.

2008- The racist leader Louis Farrakhan who earlier lavishly praise on Obama, “this young man is the hope of the entire world”, “America will change and be made better.” Latest remarks at Nation of Islam rally (on U-tube), says “When Obama talks the Messiah is absolutely speaking.” and "I love my BROTHER and I want to see that brother successful. I don't want to say anything that would hurt that brother, and I don't want them to use me or the Nation of Islam."


Anonymous said...

William Ayers is a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, with whom Barack served on the board of an education-reform organization in the mid-1990's. According to the Associated Press, they are not close: "No evidence shows they were "pals" or even close when they worked on community boards years ago ..." (

Smear groups and now the McCain campaign are trying to connect Obama to acts Ayers committed 40 years ago - when Barack was just eight years old. Here's what the New York Times reported on the connection (

But the two men do not appear to have been close. Nor has Mr. Obama ever expressed sympathy for the radical views and actions of Mr. Ayers, whom he has called "somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8."

Barack has publicly denouncedAyers' radical actions from the 1960's (

Senator Obama strongly condemns the violent actions of the Weathermen group, as he does all acts of violence. But he was an eight-year-old child when Ayers and the Weathermen were active, and any attempt to connect Obama with events of almost forty years ago is ridiculous.

Consider adding internet radio to your information sources by googling 'progressive radio stations' or go to http// and under 'listen now' for audio and podcasts.

Anonymous said...

When I was 8 years old, I was told that if I found myself surrounded by anyone who hated blacks that I would be considered a Racist! Therefore, to eliminate any doubt about where I stood on this subject, I was informed that I should eliminate those people from my list of friends and acquaintances immediately and never be seen with them again. I guess that Senator Obama never was informed to steer clear of those folks who were detestable radicals until he became aware of the fact that their friendship would hurt his chances to become President! Since those friends have been so close and supported him for years, I believe that he would support their desires before he would consider my needs for Freedom, Liberty, and the American Dream. What a shame that it took him so long to find out that friends like that do make you what you are! So sorry; too late, you just lost my vote!

Anonymous said...

Obama did say to judge him by the people that surround him...and look at all those names of horrible, shameful people.

Anonymous said...

just like HIM!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Obama should have mentioned in his "speech to the kids"
Tues Sept. 8th this "best education I ever had, better than anything I got at Harvard Law School" in reference to McKnight (professor John L. McKnight, a marxist follower of Alinksky) while campaigning in Iowa (07).

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You call that a timeline? Now, HERE'S a TIMELINE:


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