Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Global Warming detected on Mars!

Michael Asher over at DailyTech has a good summary in his blog post about Global Warming. He brings together several different perspectives on the issue.

Bottom line: If Mars is experiencing Global Warming and there are no humans there - could it be possible that it is caused by other issues?

Take the time to review what he has posted he ask links to other information and an upcoming documentary.


JoeDuck said...

Very interesting and supports the very strong correlation between sun activity and warming. However it will take a LOT more than this to convince me that the IPCC is wrong, and that there is not a clear association between warming and anthropogenic CO2.

It seems to me the problems are not with the basic IPCC science, which is sound and suggests a 90% liklihood of human caused warming. Rather the problem is that people are overreacting to the news and thinking this means catastrophe when it just means what the report says ... a little more warming and a little higher sea level by the end of the century.

Glenn said...

I think there are two main issues:

1) The politicizing of the issue - that is a problem because the Sheeple are being mislead

2) I find it very hard to believe that we can predict something 100 years in the future based on our limited history and experience.

I also think that there will be continued improvements in alternative energy, etc which in turn will ultimately lead to reduced emissions.

A lot can happen to this planet in 100 years and 99.9% of it we have no control over. Time to relax a little and enjoy the ride for as long as we have it. Afterall we are only guests here.

I never questioned the science behind it, but I don't think people should be attacked for questioning it - especially when the politicians get behind it!

I agree with the overreaction element - very true.

As always Joe you represent a nice calm voice amidst all the confusion.

JoeDuck said...

Both 1 and 2 make sense to me Glenn. I looked up a Newsweek article on "Global Cooling" from 1970s - incredibly, if you replaced "cooling" with "warming" the alarmist tone was very much the same as many stories now.

But more important is what you are saying about a lack of control. In a world where we *can* control a lot of stuff and change things for the better I want to do that rather than squander hundreds of billions in the hopes of delaying warming.