Sunday, March 11, 2007

What happened with Godaddy today?

GoDaddy experienced a failure today with its' DNS services for websites and email hosting.

Their support site reported for hours that they were experiencing technical difficulties.

Their support call in line had a message stating that if you were having problems with your website and email that GoDaddy knew about it and was working on a solution.

Logging on to account maintenance produced many pages that came back "not found".

Of course Bob Parson's blog was still working and since he moderates his blog posts - don't expect any feedback from unhappy customers. Something about moderated reviewed blog posts just seem to take away from the whole concept!

Now the problem seems to be fixed but they were down for hours today. Was it a Daylight Savings glitch?

I sure hope they come out with a detailed status and do something for their customers.

*** UPDATE ***

Slashdot had this post. DNS is not something that should go down - EVER!

GoDaddy affected over 20 of my web resources today.

This is an official response from GoDaddy this evening:

This morning, March 11, some of our Go Daddy services came under significant and sustained distributed denial of service attacks resulting in intermittent disruptions of various services, including shared hosting and email.

Our Internet Security and Network teams immediately invoked counter-measures to respond to these large scale, sophisticated attacks.

After 4-5 hours of intermittent disruptions of various services this morning, including shared hosting and email, the attack was contained.

Our Internet Security and Network teams will continue to analyze and assess the nature of today's attacks and their characteristics to identify additional defense mechanisms that can be used in the ongoing efforts of Internet Security.

Go Daddy has made and will be continuing to make significant investments in our information security infrastructure to protect from these shifting types of attacks.

This in no way related to the switch to Daylight Savings Time, as some have speculated. With regard to DST, Go Daddy has been engaged in preparation and patching and worked closely with our vendors for some time leading up to the DST change. leading up to the DST change.

Neil Warner
Chief Information Security Officer
The Go Daddy Group, Inc.

posted on Slashdot thread reference above.

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maggie said...

Wow, and that is very rare. I used to work for one of their competitors, and I think mine was more likely to have those kind of issues, at least at that time.