Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New way to look at news on the web! - Another hot thing today!

Jonathan Harris has developed a unique and effective way to look at news and events from around the world (or universe as he likes to say) through his new search portal - UNIVERSE.

What is different is the way Jonathan has organized the information and connected the dots to every major noun involved in the story or event! There was a really cool music site that did this years ago and allowed you to traverse the "taxonomy" of the artist and where they derived their inspiration, etc. This will be very interesting to look at information and have a lot of the dots connected and displayed in a manageable and useful way.

The "past day" page link is going to be a popular destination for myself. I think this ushers in yet another perspective on how to look at everything happening around us.

This site has tremendous potential! Be Patient when you first access it - I am sure they are experiencing very heavy traffic.

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