Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This is hot!!! Verizon may soon realize the triple play with Fios!

Now this is hot! The new Verizon Fios video phone. Coupled with incredible Internet speed, on-demand interactive TV and a video phone. Verizon is close to realizing the triple play dream.

The new phone is coming soon and will certainly be at the top of the list for us. The phone integrates news feeds and lots of other information as well as a memo manager and calendar.

Contact lists, call logs and voice mail are all integrated as well.

Hopefully each handset can be individualized for calendar and contact lists. Also an in-house video intercom would be an excellent feature.

How soon before they hook it up to your mobile service so you can finally have one phone number and have an intelligent system that can find you (if you want).

Verizon is starting to get really exciting! Nice job - I have to admit I am becoming more and more impressed with Verizon over the last couple years they are really getting their act together.


JoeDuck said...

Wow, this really looks great if they keep it straightforward.

I've had trouble figuring out whether a broadband phone would save me money or just be another thing to hassle with so I've not gone that route yet.

Glenn said...

Hey Joe!

I haven't had a pots line for over 6 years now. Been a VOIP user since as soon as I possibly could!

There is no comparison - VOIP is the way to go. Only issue people frequently ask we are still there since the line is so quiet - they think we have hung up.

I will probably switch to Verizon for this phone - this looks very cool.

I also think we are at the very edge of amazing stuff for the home!

I know what we have been able to do in the office with our VOIP systems.

Gus said...

that's a piece of junk and will end up under a bunch of paper or in the garbage.