Friday, May 4, 2007

17 year old girl stoned to death in Iraq

This is one of those stories that should absolutely outrage anyone that even thinks about something like this happening.

What is wrong with a world where people would willingly participate and seemingly enjoy stoning a helpless 17 year old girl? For what - wanting to have a boyfriend of a different religion?
I cannot image family members where part of this middle ages lynching!

This was sanctioned by the extremist religious leaders? There is so much wrong in the world today and a lot of this has to change if we want any possible chance to survive long-term.

These radical religious leaders need to be stopped at all costs. They are root of terrorism and have only one goal: complete disruption of any progress of the human race.

It is time for people in the world to take a stand. These religious fanatics have as much right to exist freely as does a serial killer - NONE!

There will be those that will argue that their perspective is just different and who are we to try to determine what is right or wrong and we shouldn't judge them. Any reasonable level of intelligence of an evolved species can tell you that there is no justification to publicly stone a 17 year old girl because has a boyfriend of a different religion. Religions of hatred and violence is pure evil and needs to be stopped.

People will want to blame this on the war in Iraq, etc. This abhorrent treatment and vile process of condemnation is rampant with the religious fanatics in the middle east. The world should show no quarter to any of this.

Can you imagine what it will be like when Iran has nuclear weapons? Their fanatic religious leaders - who are in power - will condemn Western civilization and will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons to carry out the sentence.

Make no mistake if we let the radicals continue to garner power and position - the end result is clear. Personally I am deeply sadened by this event and wonder if people really do care at all for what is right or wrong - or even if they know how to tell the difference?

Any and all who participated in that stoning should be brought to justice especially the members of the security force that just stood by and watched. It is time for some minimal reasonable level of sanity to prevail against this ungodly behavior by cowards who hide behind the shroud of something that should be so good - religion.

Unfortunately these groups only understand violence and it will be the only way to put a stop to this. How can any intelligent species allows this behavior and doctrine to exist?

Parting thought as horrible as it sounds...wouldn't the world be a better place without these extreme and evil religious leaders?


JoeDuck said...

I agree you should bring bad guys to justice, but the human cost of doing so is very relevant in many fights all over the world right now.

From a moral standpoint when is it OK to kill many innocent people to bring a smaller number of criminals to justice? Avoid the easy one which is "when they are very likely to kill many more innocents". What about the cases where the bad guys are unlikely to do much additional harm. ie what human price to pay for simple justice and who should pay it?

Glenn said...

Well I think we can determine the really bad guys from just the bad guys.

The pecking order for these heretics is quite clear and unfortunately since we can't eliminate any particular person the masses have to suffer.

In a lot of these cultures the people are truly sheeple and don't have the access to information or the will power to stand up and do something about it.

At the end of the day however, if we don't take it to them where they currently are...they will definitely bring it to us here. That is the scenario that drives the conclusion that something needs to be done and done soon.

Just look at how things could have been different if we handled one particular religious fanatic in Iraq a couple of years ago when we had the chance - we agreed to let up when it was widely viewed he was going to cooperate. All he has done has killed thousands of innocent people since then.

It is time for a change and time for the world to stand up against this insanity regardless of cost.