Sunday, May 6, 2007

Scientist who helped invent meteorology thinks the climate alarmists have it wrong!

Reid Bryson the 30th person to receive a PhD in Meteorology has come out stating the current politically charged climate alarmists have it wrong!

Reid states there is no doubt that the climate is changing as it always is however, it is absurd to think climate warming is caused by man. Reid claims that our warming trend is a continued change of our climate as it came out of the Little Ice Age in the early 1800's.

Now Reid is 86 years old and has been working on the science and climate for most of his life. A lot of alarmists should really listen to his perspective - as it is unique from the standpoint he probably has more experience on the topic than 99% of the human race.

The article is a good read and it is nice to read a level headed response from such an authority.

Photo: Wisconsin Energy Cooperative

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