Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More Climate Alarmists Refusing to Change Their Ways

Back in April in the spirit of Earth Day - Senator James Inhofe from Oklahoma challenged the outspoken climate alarmists celebrities to take the challenge and live up to their own environmental rhetoric by reducing their own personal energy usage - just like they want everyone else to do.

Of course they "elite" will hide behind carbon credit schemes not unlike the old Catholic indulgence which you could "purchase" to forgive you for an upcoming sin!

Can anyone out there say "Hypocrites!"?

As I continue to research more and more of the climate change issue it is becoming very clear that we really don't know what is happening or what is going to happen. One thing is for sure - our climate change is not being caused by mankind! Not to say we can't affect it, however, it is a very big stretch to implicate mankind as the cause of our climate change. There are other planets in our solar system that are experiencing similar trends in their climate change - common sense would indicate the most likely suspect is the Sun.

I just read another report where some more environmental extremists are claiming we only 5 years to save the planet - now if that isn't somebody with an agenda for their own personal gain - I don't know what is. To think for a second that anything we do in a five year span can impact our climate cycles on a planet that has existed for BILLIONS of year is completely and utterly absurd.

Mankind should accept some humility and understand there is very little we can do to change a climate change trend, however we are super at adapting and that is what we need to focus on. We need to create opportunities for every human on this planet the chance to adapt to the changes. After all in the grand scheme of things we are just guests on this blue marble and the planet earth will probably continue for billions of years after we are gone just like it existed for billions of years before we got here.

Personally I think we each have less than 100 years on this planet, we really ought to spend our time doing something more productive than any of the extreme measures and propositions in front of us. There is so much that is wrong with the world I think we can spend our time and energy on far more productive things.


JoeDuck said...

Indulgences! That's a great analogy to carbon credits. Fill up the SUV baby, we are moving to HOLLYWOOD!

Glenn said...

Thanks inspired the analogy as I started going back and looking at The Great Global Cooling Swindle of the '70's per your reminder of that. I was discussing with my father and he remembered the indulgences.

Aye yi yi...must be nice to live in an alternate reality!